3 Meetings Before the Wedding for Detail Planning

It’s not hard to remember to choose a venue, book a photographer and hire a florist. But it’s easy to forget the hundreds of tiny details that go into planning a wedding. I’ll help you ask the vendors the right questions, decide on a specific timeline, and make sure the front rows are reserved for the special people in your life. Our meetings will be a place where there is no wrong answer and we’re working together to create the perfect day for you.

Shared Folder Online with pre-made lists to help you stay organized

This will include: Timeline, To Do List, Room Layout, Vendor Contact Information, Family Contact Information, Bridal Party Information, Ceremony Seating Chart, and much more. The folder is a space we can share ideas, upload layouts and provide pictures of what you want your guest book table and cake table to look like.

List of Preferred Vendors

I’m really picky, so I won’t just recommend anyone. The vendors I can recommend you to are the best at what they do and amazing to work with. Plus, if you work with more than one person from the list we’ll both give you discounts!

Rehearsal Coordination

Where do I stand? What order should we walk down the aisle in? Do I stop before I get to the groom? Will the groomsmen stay with the groom or walk down the aisle with the bridesmaids? These questions, among many more are the things that I cover during the rehearsal. It should be a time for you to soak in the last moments you have before your big day together. I’ll work with you to make sure it goes exactly as you’ve always imagined it.

Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator for up to 10 Hours on Your Day Of

We’ll be the first ones to show up and the last ones to leave. We’ll make sure each table is right where it should be, everyone remembers what they should do and that all the vendors are running on time. We’ll direct each vendor as they arrive on sight to set up in the right location while you’re with your family and bridal party getting hair and makeup done for Your Day Of.

Set up & Clean Up Supervision

There is so much to decorate on Your Day Of and we’ll make sure it’s all done. Every bow will be tied, the favors will be placed, the seating chart set up and the reserved signs in position. Then once your final guest is gone we’ll pick up every last piece of trash, make sure each piece of decor goes home with the right person and if the venue requires it, we’ll do a walk through with them.

Day of Emergency Kit Recommendations

You never know what you might need on Your Day Of, so I’ve compiled an exhaustive list for you or one of your bridesmaids to keep on hand all day for you.

Ask us about discounts for booking services with multiple vendors on our preferred list! Multiple bookings means multiple discounts!